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I hear my phone ring and I think that I won’t pick up — I’ve been arguing with my mother online and am in no mood to argue with her over the phone. But it’s an unknown number, so I do pick up; it could be something about, or someone from, work. I’m off work for a few days, or two weeks, depending on the results of the Covid test I am about to take. …

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Psychotherapists and mental health practitioners understand very well that asking for help is sometimes the most difficult thing a person can do. For the most part, it is fear that keeps us quiet — the fear that asking for help will be interpreted as a weakness, as a sign of failure, as an indication that one has somehow fallen behind. We are afraid of feeling vulnerable, we worry we might be judged or, worse, that we’ll be turned away; but, harder still is the underlying fear that in the end we will be misunderstood.

Fear diminishes humanity. I heard a…

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Is it just me or is the paternalism of our politicians’ rhetoric especially tiring? If there is one thing the COVID-19 crisis has made patently clear it is the lack of leadership among today’s political class — everywhere, geographically and ideologically.

A few days ago, while listening to CBC radio with my morning coffee, I found myself getting angry, and then weary: The Toronto Mayor John Tory was addressing the concerns of Torontonians about the COVID-19 pandemic. Like an upset parent, Tory pleaded for empathy: ‘this hurts me more than it hurts you’ was his message. Having to impose harsher…

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